What is your vacation plan this year?

The Partner says where,the Boss says whenand the Bank says how long!?

Have you ever asked yourself the following questions:

Why do 20% of all people earn 80% of the total income that is earned and why do many people, even though they earn well, never get rich?

Why are there some people who are successful in their careers and still have enough time for themselves, their families, hobbies and vacations?

Why are there people who are healthy, fit and have a good looking body, even though they don´t exercise or diet?

I was at zero three times in my life - and always managed to get to the top. I made mistakes, serious mistakes, but it doesn´t matter if you fall down - it´s much more important to know how to get back up!

I know exactly how to get back up after setbacks, failures and strokes of fate, how to go on again - and how to laugh again! Nothing better could happen to me: Going deep into the grout and then proving that the method really works. Who else could show you the way to a more fulfilling, freer, more confident, and also richer life?

„Life doesn´t begin,
until you have reached the edge of your visible possibilities.

Markus Goller

Do you want to know the whole TRUTH about a life in security, independence and wealth ?

If you do,
what others want,
you function.

If you do,
what you want,
you live.

biotonus reveals to you the basic laws of wealth and health. Learn, how successful people think and act and how you can do the same.

For this I have the SOLUTION…

The G.O.L.L.E.R. SuccessSystem

In 6 steps to be SUCCESSFUL to be HAPPY. Over 30 years of KNOWLEDGE, experience und practice give you the chance; to SIMPLY IMPROVE your life IMMEDIATELY!

It is like winning the lottery. The secret, how you also get the millions…

Nothing explains biotonus better than our LOGO

Natural and organic is everything we do in Community with each other. Wether it is our 100% natural products or our intrinsic education and personality development, even our way of making money, is based on organic and natural laws of nature like Fibonacci and Pareto. That is why we can speak of 100% organic GREEN.

When we recommend our ideas and ideals, we symbolically throw a stone in the middle of our pond (DUNBAR circles), which then spreads naturally by means of vibration and frequency (TESLA). Thus, we understand our vocation, our mission, as its own Tonus (tension) , which spreads in waves like water.

And because LOVE is the only way to inspire people, we always have a big heart for all those who want to give energy to their dreams. This creates the image we now have in mind, a butterfly that naturally forms from a caterpillar and comes to its full wonderful unfolding.

Our mission
the people

Plain Talk:Success

Let´s talk about money…

More value through network

Life is a journey and dreams the fuel of the future.

But for that you need money and health! Both can only be created by duplicating one´s wealth. Wealth is what is available to everyone through their own strength, spirit and other values. We appreciate the many gifts we receive from life and our passion is to make the best out of everything. This is what gives us universal strength. If you share this wealth, it multiplies accordingly.


Money it halves
Love it doubles
Information to get rich it multiplies

Network Marketing is the most effective and direct way to help people fulfill their dreams
and defeat the worst disease in the world; the LACK OF MONEY!

The world of biotonus is uncompromisingly natural. It transforms time pressure into timelessness and shows the essential before the point. Quality of life is the highest return a person can achieve and will be the highest goal for biotonus partners. Everything else are only building blocks to reach this goal.

The picture others make of you is not a selfie!

Why want to be perfect when you can be unique?


biotonus is a global network for wealth and health. We help people around the world to become financially independent and to live a healthy and happy lifestyle.

Partners of biotonus are supported in their own personal development and have access to easily implementable and proven wealth formulas. In this way, biotonus also provides access to safe, profitable as well as exklusive
wealth strategies.

People and wealth literally
transform into diamonds...

The G.O.L.L.E.R. wealth formula

With it you get a millennia-old and proven system at disposal, with which not only debts dissolve themselves,
but but from the VERY FIRST DAY a credit develops.

You learn how you regain a carefree and financially strong life and you can start with it already in the first minute.
With the G.O.L.L.E.R. plan you IMMEDIATELY dispose of CREDIT and can directly build up an active as well as passive income with our help.

If you apply our formulas consistently, we can guarantee freedom from debt and a lifelong income.

biotonus Lifestyle products

With this you get millennia of knowledge with cutting-edge science amplified products,
that will improve your life and health for good.

Our „Pro Younger Life formulas, will put you in a state of physical and mental well-being
and produce revolutionary results on your body and vital state.

If you consistently apply our recommendations, you will not only slow down the aging process,
but even reverse it. Let our patented formulas accompany you to a better life...

A life from the nature, with the nature
and above all

Already in the year 2000 Markus Goller, the founder of biotonus, had to learn that many products from our daily use are toxic and harmful to health. He met people who wanted to take this idea to the whole world and founded his company to achieve this goal.

To create products WITHOUT HARMFUL CONTENTS is the drive that moves the whole company. Our great goal is the system "Cradle to the Cradle". For this purpose we cultivate and produce naturally all over the world. Together with our research team and doctors, we develop our own effective formulas for health as well as well-being.

Our offerings include personal care, cosmetics, wellness and „Pro Younger Life products, nutritional supplements, animal nutrition such as pet care products, household, seeds and more.

We are particularly proud of the world´s first natural energy drink, made from 100% natural ingredients. It even has a multiple effect of conventional energy drinks...

As the main sponsor of the FERRARI Racing Series of the Ferrari Club of Germany, our revolutionary energy drink is successfully active on the various racetracks in an emotional and focused way..

Frank M. Scheelen racing driver/entrepreneur/speaker/author/senator of the German economy is not only the man at the helm of our SCHEELEN success team, but also an important and reliable partner of biotonus with his INSIGHTS MDI® analyses.