Our Company


Beate Nimsky

Chairwoman of the Board

Beate Nimsky has been practicing energy work, healthy nutrition and consciousness for over thirty years. Therefore, there was an immediate inner approval for her to actively contribute to the implementation of the biotonus philosophy. In addition, she brings an unusual wealth of experience from business life. After completing her apprenticeship as an insurance saleswoman, she worked for ten years at Rank Xerox as a technical operations manager, assistant to the managing director for personnel and training, and head of the word processing department. She also handled product marketing and the introduction of the first memory typewriter in Germany.

As sales manager for Bavaria at the car rental company interRent, she succeeded with a participative and motivating management style in leading the existing sales team, which had been the lowest turnover in Germany, to second place within one year with an almost 40% increase in turnover. Despite her car accident in 1987, which took her out of her professional life for five months, her team was already so stable that they stuck together and successfully continued in their new direction.

Despite the tempting offer from interRent/Europcar to move to the management in Hamburg, she decided it was better to become self-employed. Through the "time out" due to the car accident, it had gradually become clear to her that her natural ability to lead people was a talent to which she consciously devoted herself in various ways.

Over the years, she completed leadership trainings such as Mastery University with Anthony Robbins, Brian Tracy´s Leadership and Sales Program, as well as training as a Senior Facilitator with Chinese Master Mantak Chia and Certified Facilitator with Access Consciousness. In addition, she learned how to use pragmatic diagnostic tools for personality and skill development and studied for two and a half years for her Master of Science alongside building her business.

Together with her husband, she founded the "Institute for Intrinsic Competence", which has set itself the task of enabling people to access their innermost potential, to find out about blockages and to dissolve them, so that they can live their individual talent. Here she accompanies companies from a wide range of industries and is booked for leadership trainings to build up relationship competence at C-level or coaching for board members, as well as for strategy conferences in which she gives impulses for vision and mission development and adapts them to the orientation of the company as well as moderates them.

For years she has also been interested in network marketing. She had started to build a team in some companies, but soon realized that there was no real support to shape this entrepreneurial role. She felt that there were completely different opportunities waiting unused. By meeting Markus Goller in 2019, she realized that the joint interaction of entrepreneurial and financial know-how, strategy, networking experience and intrinsic competence forms an ideal symbiosis.

Her personal motto is: BAM - Business Anders Machen (Do Business Different). Integrative, participative, appreciative, focused, success- and result-oriented, supportive and with a lot of fun and love for life.

The Network

Jef Welch

CEO of biotonus Corp.

With over 42 years of Network Marketing experience and travels to 73 countries building networks of customers and entrepreneurs as a direct sales distributor, as well as a leader of several companies, Jef Welch is what is called an ICON to the industry.
Foremost in his mind is his passion for the people and the cultures around the world.

He is, with his trainings, tools und success systems, mentor for all biotonus partners who take this great opportunity. biotonus is proud to use his experience and professionalism.

Our CEO’s history runs deep within the Direct Sales industry. He began his networking business as a distributor almost 44 years ago when he was a Freshman in college. As a young entrepreneur he saw the business model as an opportunity he could believe in because it was based on “personal success achieved from helping others succeed.”

Jef has a Bachelor’s in Science, Psychology degree, specializing in childhood development and counseling. He has had 36 Foster Children, and also served as Youth Director over the Smoky Mountains Children’s Home (Orphanage). His passion throughout his young adult years for helping children who had gone through abandonment, abuse, and traumatic circumstances, enveloped his purpose to help those who couldn’t help themselves. During those years, Jef seen a harmony between the tremendous work at the Children’s Home and his ability to contribute because of his Direct Sales success and freedom.

Jef has been the top distributor of 6 Direct Sales companies which have taken him to 74 countries around the world, of which some of those countries he traveled to over 200 times. He has served as CEO of five Direct Sales companies, including Biotonus Corp. Jef holds several records in various countries having the largest team, largest volumes, and best start-up. Jef has developed the Mentoring In Motion, Sustained Prosperity System, Action Pro-90 System, training systems, and has written more than 170 compensation plans for Direct Sales companies over the years.

He was sole owner and CEO of his own companies outside of the Direct Sales industry, with more than 170 employees, a general contracting company specializing in building schools, banks, retail centers, and high end luxury homes of which he retired from in 2007. In the 1990’s he became a global voice carrying forth the message exposing the harmful, toxic ingredients in personal care and cosmetic products, as well as food and snack products. Although Jef does not see himself as an activist, he sees himself as an educator and a leader of others in exposing the chemical companies which are polluting our farms and foods, oceans and waterways, and ultimately increasing the rates of cancer and other degenerative diseases among humans and animals. Jef Welch, and Biotonus share this message and have similar philosophies.

Jef Welch, in harmony with the CFO and Founder, Markus Goller’s vision, take pride in Biotonus, a company that actually prioritizes its members as partners, defines its objectives, goals, and products around what is best for its partners, with a purpose driven mindset. “There are thousands of new Direct Sales companies launching every year, which are an edited version of last year’s companies. Biotonus, unlike other Direct Sales companies, is not designed, defined, or modeled after other companies. All our members are partners, and they have a voice, and we listen. It is about time a company thinks outside the box, listens, and provides the best solutions.” ~ Jef Welch, CEO, Biotonus Corp.